Tessa and the Typecast: Lemons EP Release

Listen to “Painter” here

      1. Tessa and the Typecast_Painter


Sophisticated and intelligent pop: Four words to best describe the sound of Tessa and the Typecast, who released their debut EP, Lemons, today. Not only does this description apply to the music of this Melbourne-based five piece, it also translates into their general guise. Front woman, Tessa Pavilach, instills adoration with her delightful, vintage-inspired outfits and constant smile that could challenge the Cheshire Cat. Tessa’s unique stage presence is accompanied by her forever dapper boys and bandmates, Ed Crocker, Pat Morgan and Tom Pettit, topped off by their ever-cute cellist, Lauren Meath.

“Painter” sticks out on the album. It has the potential to be lost as just another indie pop song, however, the subtle elements in place throughout this composition ensure that this is not the case. For instance, the thumb piano and traditional African instruments add an eclectic quirky note to the overall sound while remaining harmoniously in place.

Check out Lemons below.


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