All Pink Brand Identity For Lui Store

It seems that the modern combination of pink, marble and gold can never get weary. The interior of Lui Store – a fashion concept store located in the heart of Warsaw is a reflection of current design trends and interesting architectural solutions that allowed to exploit a relatively small space.


Discovering The Wonders Of Amsterdam At Pulitzer Hotel

Elegance, modernity and eclecticism. To speak about Pulitzer just in terms of its design would be an understatement. This unique hotel located by Amsterdam’s Prinsengracht canal is an architectural illustration of city’s history.


Hotel National des Arts et Métiers [Paris]

Between Marais et Montorgueil, a curious traveller can come across a new Parisian gem – Hotel National des Arts et Métiers. Designer and architect, Raphael Navot, has searched for a balance between city’s tradition, modernity and famous French savoir-faire.


Hotel Bienvenue [Paris]

In the Paris 9th district you will find the new beautiful boutique Hotel. A special hidden place away from the stress of Paris, Hotel Bienvenue is the latest hotel by Adrien Gloaguen (Hôtel Paradis and Hôtel Panache), designed and renovated by French interior designer Chloé Negre.