An Ideal Library for Le Monde d’Hermes

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam was the decor for this shoot by Frederik Vercruysse for le Monde d’Hermès magazine. Together with creative director Benjamin Grillon, they captured some of the luxury label’s newest items in the museum’s impressive library. A collaboration with bird production and jn production.


Ugo Gattoni’s Hippopolis Hermes Scarf

There was no doubt in Ugo Gattoni’s mind what the theme for his first Hermès scarf would be. At the centre of his megapolis stands none other than a gigantic monument dedicated to the horse.


Magnified Magnificent Still Life Series

Fungal microorganisms are having a fundamental role by shaping novel materials and processes now and even more in the future. The beautiful and elegant ‘Magnified Magnificent’ series by


Hermes Metamorphosis Video by Vallee Duhamel

Hermes called upon Montreal based design studio Vallée Duhamel to create a video which subtly features some of their key products. In this video where all scenes were shot live, everything transforms into something new, leading the viewer through a ludic story of surprising scenes.