Summer Splash by Metz + Racine for Casa Da Abitare

Written by Anjali Soneji 

After meeting in London College of Communication studying photography, Barbara Metz and Eve Racine evolved their skills and vision towards their interpretation of a bright colorful and glorious future through the lens. Focussing on lifestyle and still life their work consists of graphical views of the world with shapes, forms and a fight between realism and surrealism. Their editorial work consists of many simplistic work but don’t let the word ‘simplistic’ fool you, as soon as your eyes meet their work you’re instantly transported into a way of life they want you to see.



In this editorial for Casa da Abitare Magazine you can really see Metz + Racine’s gift for showcasing multiple, even non-related objects to create these surrealist environments that are a play on scale and perception.

Much of their work include a strong client base of Hermes, Lacoste and Louis Vuitton to name a few, also focussing on advertising, film and coverage of their work these two are un stoppable when it comes to the future of vibrant modern photographers. Their artistic balance they have structured is clearly seen through their work and their vision interpreted within placement of images at hand and versatility used with materials, colors and light formation.
metzracine-summer-splash-4 metzracine-summer-splash-5 metzracine-summer-splash-6





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