Passenger Let Her Go Kygo Remix

Passenger : Let Her Go (Kygo Remix)

Passenger Let Her Go Kygo Remix

It’s not all that often that a contemporary folk record makes it’s way up the Billboard pop charts and into the households of the masses. Earlier this year, The Lumineers got up there with their insanely successful and catchy “Ho Hey” reaching number 3 position and catapulting them into the Grammys.

      1. Let Her Go (Kygo Remix) - Passenger


And now, English singer Michael David Rosenberg know by his stage name Passenger has done it again with “Let Her Go”. Once again we fall victim to bittersweet nostalgia of romantic folk melody and lyric, except this time it is accompanied by another version of the same song, reinterpreted and modernized by Kygo in polished fashion.

Check out the original track below for reference.

      2. Let Her Go - Passenger