Sonar | Primavera : Beyond the Festivites


In the midst of the metropolis of Barcelona emerge two of the world’s most re-known music & cultural festivals in Primavera & Sonar. Founded by Spaniards and held in their back yard, beyond just providing a playground for musicians, artists, fans, scientific entrepreneurs, and creatives of all walks to indulge their spirits, these festivals drive massive traffic and attention to the city’s endless will to push the envelope of what is realizable with a sharpened ambition and vision.


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Primavera Sound, known for it’s innovative and risk-taking blend of alternative music and artistic eclecticism has been at the forefront of the festival scene for over a decade. Expanding throughout the years and finally settling into the beautifully situated seaside grounds adjacent the Forum, the now almost 100,000 person mega-fest over the course of the event holds the precedent for how a fine tuned machine of a international festival should operate. Outside of the festival grounds the visiting attendees of Primavera extend their stay to beyond just a few days in May to a week of activities and exploration of the cities multitude of offerings. The streets are not only buzzing with excitement and rapid movement but businesses, museums, and historical surroundings are flourishing.




Sonar, which falls immediately after Primavera in early June, has been a innovative force in not only music but the technological advancement in music for over 20 years now.  Spreading it’s roots internationally in Mexico City, Bogota, Santiago, Reykjavik, Copenhagen, Stockholm, South Africa, Tokyo, and of course Barcelona it has established a impressively strong brand that trails back to Barcelona, stemming from it’s dedication to furthering music and sharing that spirit with the world.



On one side it is all entertainment based as attendees roam the grounds in search of discovering some of the coolest up and coming electronic acts that organizers have curated and on a whole other level their is Sonar +D which represents the evolution of the festival’s professional and new media areas, presenting a series of activities based around the same central theme: making the relationship between creativity, technology, mobility, innovation and business more visible and accessible. The festivals reach doesn’t stop at that as once again the the the city’s avenues are abuzz with visiting attendees and the widespread peripheral events and parties of Sonar OFF.


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Sonar +D


Not enough can be said about what these commemorations do for Barcelona, creating massive revenue stream for the city and it’s inhabitants and really shining light on the commitment the city and it’s creative forces and characters have to building upon their inventive past.


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