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Fabra i Coats : The Creation Factory


As part of a citywide movement, architects Manuel Ruisánchez and Francesc Bacardit repurposed a 100-year-old industrial building in Barcelona into a creative space. Located in the Sant Andreu district, the old Fabra & Coats textile mill has been reincarnated into the The Creation Factory, home to exhibits on the lower levels, incubator spaces on the intermediate floors and a dance area and theatre on the top floor.



Built in 1910, the central structure has three four-story bodies and an attached boiler room that used to power the entire complex back in the day. Just slightly removed from the city, it almost feels like a miniature university which aligns perfectly with what it aims to create—a community dedicated to creative collaboration and furthering the imaginative realm of contextual possibility.



Retaining the original plan, the architects retrofitted recycled wood panels to close off areas into small offices. For spaces that required more flexibility, they attached cables from which colored sails can be installed at different heights depending on the need for privacy. Some artists even live and work here to realize their art and design projects.




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Open and adaptable, it’s the perfect playground to take over for a conceptual event or mini festival that brings together creative forces.


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