Surreal Salt Mines in Australia


The beauty of photography is that it can expose you to unearthly (and sometimes bizarre) realms that you may never get a chance to visit yourself. Melbourne-based photographer Emma Phillips self published book Salt, is a raw depiction of a salt mine on Nullabor Plain, in Western Australia.


Phillips stumbled upon this mine by chance and took all the photographs in the series within a couple of hours. Minimalist and evocative, various industrial elements punctuate the vastness of the white salt mountains. The focus is less on the industrial boom and more on the aesthetic oddity of this surreal landscape.


There is something so majestic about these images, each photo embodies the rawness, isolation whilst subtly hinting human presence through the occasional pieces of mining equipment and abandoned vehicles that dramatically stand out aging the crystallized salt and pale blue skies. But even these industrial elements, do to seem to tarnish the dreamy, bright and almost ‘outer space’ scenes.


It is hard to imagine that a place like this actually exists beyond the frames of these beautiful images!









See more work from Emma Phillips,
Via Slate

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