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Our Wrap Up of Salon Art + Design 2019 [NY]

Salon Art + Design returns to New York’s Park Avenue Armory for its eight installment. Covering a broader scope than most fairs by curating a mixture of vintage and contemporary design along side blue chip art. This time showcasing 56 galleries from 13 different countries.

The size of the fair itself felt comfortable and digestible, with the beautiful historic Armory as its backdrop. Many noteworthy pieces were on display from the who’s who of the design world. Overall, Salon captured a feeling of delight with hints of surrealism that has been overall trending in contemporary design.

Apparatus’ hand embroidered screen inspired to outfit a modernist concert hall.

Salon art design wrapup


This year showcasing a limited edition collection conceived as a suite of furnishings designed for an imagined, modernist concert hall. Musical references inform the collection, with motifs evoking synesthetic interpretations of notes on a score, and a pair of cabinets conceived in the compositional tradition of Theme and Variation. A study in materiality, rigor and refinement, each piece represents the measured approach of the studio.

appartus salonny
Image credit: Peter Baler

Ayala Serfaty light wall installation.

Salon art design wrapup

Maison Gerard
A gallery established a reputation as a source for fine French art deco furniture, lighting, and objects.

maison gerrad salonny
Image credit: Peter Baler

Ceramic piece by Reinaldo Sanguino for The Future Perfect.

Salon art design wrapup

The Future Perfect
For this exhibition, The Future Perfect presents Reinaldo Sanguino, a Venezuelan-born artist and ceramicist marrying modern and traditional aesthetics. Building upon past references, many of the featured pieces feature cut-out sections and an extravagant color palette that includes a profusion of imperial gold. Highlighting hybrids of wild expression and technical control.

future perfect salonny
Image credit: Peter Baler

Twenty First Gallery booth.

Salon art design wrapup

Twenty First Gallery

Twenty First Gallery offers an ever – changing display of art and furnishings exclusively created by European artists. Admittedly, I became a little obsessed with a Jean-Mari Fiori bronzed fireplace and visited it twice. Maybe because it reminded me of a characterized version of my dog but I enjoyed the reminder that design doesn’t have to take itself so seriously.

twenty first gallery salonny
Image credit: Peter Baler

Surrealist Hass Brothers coffee table.

Salon art design wrapup

Showed a collection of diverse pieces 20th and 21st century designers. Hass Brothers “Hexarkansas” coffee table in brass hex tiles.

randcompany salonny
Image credit: Peter Baler

salon art design wrapup MATHIEU LEHANNEUR
Mathieu Lehanneur