Alix Petit of Heimstone

This summer we spent a week with Alix Petit,  founder of  women fashion brand ‘Heimstone‘ and her latest project, ‘Empower Women Through Creativity’ in the French alps by the border is Switzerland, in her favorite summer getaway.

During this active and adventurous week, we interviewed her and got a glimpse how she approaches her work, creativity, her balancing act being a parent, wife and an entrepreneur as well as her latest project ‘Empower Women Through Creativity’ a journal on being creative in your day to day life to create more time for yourself to do more of the things that you enjoy doing.

The success of this journal has taken Alix around Europe on a series of master classes & talks. And when she’s not on a stage or with her family, she can be found in her office in St. Germain Paris, developing the next collection for Heimstone.

Heimstone her brand was born in Paris in 2007, in St.Germain & prior moving to a vertical format through her flagship boutique & Direct to consumer channel, was retailing through some of the most desirable concept stores in the world, from the likes of Opening Ceremony in New York to I.T in Hong Kong.

" I welcome starting ideas and hunches with no judgment "

" I see creativity as the strength of our spirit to know how (…) to let go (…) and work more with our instinct "


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" I want to dress all kinds of women, my goal is really to try to make them unique "

" I want them to enhance women so that they feel beautiful, creative and different "

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This dose of inspiration video exclusive was created
by French director Antoine Blanchet for ‘Creatrice‘ series.

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