Rhye: Woman

Meet Rhye.  Covered by TL back in 2012, for their single Open, Rhye encompasses a gentle R&B and symphonic jazz sound – a hybrid of sounds similar to Sade meets Poolside.

      1. Rhye: Open

      2. The Fall

      3. 3 Days


Releasing their first full length album Women on March 4, 2013, the album boasts a sound which is simplistic, innocent, and subtly sexual. Maintaining ambiguity, the Los Angeles-based duo remains distant from public eye, concentrating on the their presence behind the microphone. Challenging the gender roles, the misleading soft fem vocals are actually the product of Robin Hannibal and Mike Milosh – two very talented men. Shocker? YES.

Leading into the album is Open – a beautiful lullaby which softly sets the tone for the the tracks to come. Immediately changing the tempo, Rhye follows with Fall, an upbeat crescendoing melodic tune which draws the listener in deeper by the hypnotic soft vocals. As you enter the middle of the album, 3 Days throws you into a place where time stops and energy is focused on the euphoric dance beat. Common themes of love and vulnerability are displayed in a spectrum of emotional ballets throughout the album all coinciding with the notion that love is ultimately worth the battle.