Rhye: Open

Listen to “Open” here

      1. Rhye: Open


In a three-prong music weapon of romance, deception and soft porn, the Los Angeles indie no-names of Rhye, slice into an artist’s dessert with their new release, “Open.” While the violin and flute serve as a backdrop to unisex vocals, the music project lights up audiophiles (not to mention with a video that shows up Studio City for decadent cinematography). In effort to remain anonymous and leave the music to strike a pose,
Rhye has certainly gone doppio espresso on pouring energy into orchestral R&B with their EP teaser.

The key players in this art circle remain, as inteded, the sounds and visuals of detailed audio pairings with lyrically-coated love. The no-name-dropping duo has collaborated with quaint artistic groups on mixing and experimenting on what amounts to nearly ten albums thus far over their music lifework. The project, signed with L.A.-based Innovative Leisure, has emerged in the utmost elusive fashion, with whispers of identity while carving out a stage presence of little to no avail. While a live lineup may be a distant hope, their sound is nothing shy of present and growing. For now, feast your eyes upon what they do on their Facebook and Tumblr pages.