Saturdays Surf NYC Art featuring Rob Kulisek

For those interested in surfing, clothes, art and coffee, or just a cool place to hang out, Trendland suggests a prompt visit to Saturdays Surf NYC.


Located in Soho, West Village and oddly enough, Tokyo – Saturdays Surf NYC provides a unique combination of a café infused sporting goods store. As you may know, the quaint stops house simplistic separates, funky accessories, surfing boards, mens grooming tools and coffee. But besides from the assorted products available inside, the art curation adorning the walls of Saturdays Surf NYC provides an interesting alternative to the shopping experience.


One featured was New Jersey surfer photographer and writer Rob Kulisek. Having shot with a large format view camera, Kulisek captures the poetical magic of photography by shooting the “artistically well grounded idea of the world at hand” (Liquid Salt Magazine) rather than obvious scenery. 

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