Rebecca & Fiona: Dance

Listen to “Dance” here

      1. Rebecca & Fiona_Dance


Rebecca Scheja and Fiona Fitzpatrick are the Swedish DJs turned electro-pop princesses taking over blogosphere waves around the world. The duo takes after fellow Swede, Robyn, with synth-laden “Dance.” When the song begins, it undoubtedly could be mistaken for their country counterpart’s “Dancing On My Own.” But despite the similarities, there is one, simply outstanding difference between them: there is one Robyn, but there are two in Rebecca & Fiona. Not to be superficial, but, look at them.

The shape-shifting style icons draw influences from gothic grunge to earthy, but what remains consistent is their evident love for bass, and creating a party atmosphere. It certainly stems from the club mixes that they started with and still are renowned for in Stockholm.

Their new album I Love You Man stays true to their nature with everything from unabashed pop anthems to club bangers. Anything goes for these hard-working scenesters. Enjoy!