In Vanity by Sean Augustine March

Trendland friend and New Yorker up and coming artist Sean Augustine March is presenting his latest project: In Vanity – A series of amazing sculptures and mosaics constructed from 4 sided patterned mirror pyramid on acrylic base with lighted interior, projecting beautiful animated colorful landscapes of light and reflection – Watch video Below

The project will transform the interior of the Rivington design House gallery (opening December 8th), creating an environment both deeply introspective and adamant in its aesthetic preservation of the infinite. Through his intricate dissection of this unexplored medium, March creates elaborate and striking landscapes of light and reflection.”

The goal of this project is to help fund the exhibition and further development of this largely unexplored territory. For the 25 days, these pieces will be available exclusively on this site — they will be limited and numbered. Limited as in never made again…

More information and help him realize the project on