Patina Vintage Rentals [New York]


It’s a typical story really, one we’ve heard time and time again: “the inspiration for my company started with a chair”. Not. Patina, a Brooklyn based vintage rental company is a lot of things, but average is not one of them. Patina prides itself on “handpicked vintage furniture oozing with the character and beauty that comes with age”. And over the years, they have amassed a swoon worthy collection of furniture and décor.



One might say Corrin Arasa was a shoe in for a job like this. She is quite a well seasoned event planner (not to mention self-proclaimed vintage junkie). “Creating a one-of-a -kind experience, whether it’s an intimate dinner party at my house or a huge product launch in Times Square, has always been something I’ve loved to do”. Before going off on her own, she was a marketing exec at Estee Lauder Companies. Getting products into the hands of bloggers and consumers in a unique and engaging way was a constant challenge, one that led to all kinds of creative events that accomplished with their products what couldn’t be done through traditional forms of marketing.



Corrin, while designing a huge event for a corporate client, was searching for the perfect chair. One with genuine character. Unfortunately (or fortunately) this oh so special chair eluded her. Corrina wasn’t too pleased, but realized after the fact that her personal collection at home housed what could have been a perfect option. She decided then and there she had the chops to “curate a cool collection of vintage pieces that art directors, event designers, couples and photographers could use to help tell their story.” Now, while Patina is full of treasures from all eras, styles, and corners of the world, you still might not be convinced it is so different from any other rental company. We’re getting there…

The team at Patina, including Corrin, Kim McCloskey and Michelle Bablo, usually starts its day with a yoga class. Friends are constantly in and out of the showroom. Michelle on a typical day might be seen with various tools and art supplies. And there may or may not usually be some form of alcohol floating around throughout the workday. Drinking on the job? Is there a sign up sheet? Patina also feels it important to keep their studio exciting and new through changing installations and fun events. Recently, they turned the studio into a roller rink outfitted with a “skate truck (kind of like a food truck that serves roller skates), broke out the disco balls, pumped in some old school skate jams, and served a modern twist on throwback roller rink eats. It was a total blast.” Uhm, yeah, we bet. Our invitations must have gotten lost in the mail.

By Tara Lange

Photography by June Cochran