More Than An Urban Retreat | Janeiro Hotel [Brazil]

An Outstanding Sustainable Luxury Stay in Rio de Janeiro

There are places in the world that create a shift in the visitor, some sort of internal feeling of wonderment, a connection to nature, perhaps one’s own beautiful nature. Rio the Janeiro is definitely one of those places on earth — a city that is as intense as it is relaxed, as urban as it is immersed in nature, softly mixing one’s wildest dreams of all-time partying with feeling entirely absorbed by the stunning sunsets or the blue hues of the sea. The most iconic, and one of the largest, city in South America, has a side that is deeply connected to nature: free and surprising.

Janeiro Hotel, in the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro, is a welcome addition to the great destination hotels in the world, a hotel that is a fine crafted showcase of an authentic stay in Brazil, producing an experience that is deeply connect to creative director and fashion designer Oskar Metsavaht‘s highly sustainable consciousness that permeates all his work.

Drawing from wonderful elements of Brazilian heritage and culture, Oskar set out to create yet another platform for his ASAP movement [As Sustainable As Possible], using local techniques, materials and craftsmanship –  artwork in the hotel is original and bespoke, created by his creative collective of local talent Om.artto send a strong message that luxury and sustainability must walk hand-in-hand.

The hotel 53 suites, with sweeping views of Rio, come with a minimalistic approach to design, inspired by nature’s purity of form, just like the city’s mountains. This purity translates into a muted earthen colour palette, certified sustainable woods all throughout the hotel, from furniture design to decorative elements, extensive use of bamboo — from straws to chairs, bubble-shaped bedside lamps handcrafted from recycled glass in the south of Brazil, highly efficient led soft-light design, intelligent central air-conditioning, powered by solar panels, and water systems.

There is a natural empathy to the ‘carioca way of living’ that informs all actions in the hotel, from being welcomed with broad natural smiles by a multicultural team, they have a program to train refugees that is unique in Brazil, to the non-intrusive yet attentive service — a barefoot luxury experience at its finest. By the way, talking of it, the hotel has yoga classes and personal trainers on the beach each day for its guests and beach services come with the softest towels, comfy beach chairs and thermal water sprays to keep you fresh. After all, Rio’s heat can reach 40C in the summer.

With a farm to table concept, the restaurant in the hotel offers the freshest produce and local cuisine galore to awaken your taste buds to new tropical flavors. The Japanese inspired rooftop Omakase experience with fish coming from local fisherman communities in the city is a delight as it is the menu with amazonian ingredients: the vegan cashew fruit stew with coconut rice and passion-fruit pudding are outstanding.

The uniqueness here is that Janeiro Hotel is way beyond an urban retreat. It is actually a space to experience a positive and environmentally aware community of creatives. A designed stay to experience Brazil in a different light, perhaps in all its multi-ethnic and modern authenticity.

Sunsets over the city are breathtaking spectacles – Rio you pretty thing.

Thank you to BLTA & Janeiro Hotel for inviting Trendland to stay and try out the hotel.