Minus The Tiger: Home Is Where The Heart Is

Listen to “Home is Where The Heart is” here

      1. Home Is Where The Heart Is


For a split second the room fills with a tinge of Karen O. Then Minus The Tiger strikes you with their synth-pop single, “Home Is Where The Heart Is,” and you are pleasantly surprised. Then Anne Broekman and the family – Maarten Besseling (husband), Jesse Broekman (Anne’s sibling), Arthur Adam and Jos Terlingen – go jungle happy on piercing lyrics and swinging melodies. Suddenly you’re on a music bender which harkens Portishead and The Knife before you realize you’re weightlessly lost in a Dutch band with a potent stash of sampling skills to surface on April 9 (off V2 Records Benelux).

With a deep range of sounds on the electro-meter, this hard working music force is climbing the alt-pop rope, fast and with a smile. This month Minus The Tiger sweeps Canada (Canadian Music Fest) before heading back to Netherlands. For listeners with layers and any music daredevil, this group is a good catch to ride with as they break ground.

Listen to “No Have” here

      2. 01 No Have