Miike Snow Album Review: Happy To You


Listen to “Enter the Joker’s Lair” here

      1. Enter the Jokers Lair

Electro-pop trio, Miike Snow are the fire and we are the moths. Like a twinkling toy, Happy To You –out today– is an album you want to play with. It is shiny and new (complete with a Lykke Li collaboration), and therefore is irresistible. Whisking the listener away to an ethereal galaxy at its intro, “Enter the Joker’s Lair” introduces the sophomore album from the threesome, and is a world away from its earthly, yet praised and self-titled predecessor.

Listen to “The Wave” here

      2. 02 The Wave

“The Wave” truly grasps ear attention with a fresh addition of military snares to the dance-laden synths typical of the group. The gleaming trip to the Miike Snow moon comes to a full circle once the track’s video meets that of “Paddling Out”, one of the first singles released last month following album-mate, “Devil’s Work.”

Listen to “Devil’s Work” here

      3. 03 Devil's Work

The paired videos are a sequence of stories revolving around a human’s abduction odyssey to an alien house-ship and the strange, yet entertaining extra-terrestrial massacre that took place subsequently. Happy to You truly plays with venturing to another world, whether it be by experimenting with steel drums or with space-inspired synths paired with twinkly and tropical xylophone melodies.

Listen to “Paddling Out” here

      4. 10 Paddling Out

Right smack dab in the middle of everything comes “God Help This Divorce,” the black sheep of the album with a Beatles-influenced sensitivity, while “No Starry World” is a purely beat-driven space after-party. Despite those two album hiccups, all in all, Happy to You is for M83 fans who are fond of the vocal stylings of Peter Bjorn and John, but can’t live without occasional LCD Soundsystem-like feast of electro beats. Its clear that only the best studio mics were used in the recording of this track.