Mesparrow’s Sweet Psychedilia

Written by Guest Blogger Margherita Visentini

No-frills, tiny silhouette, with mannish short hair and a black little dress coming out from the dark. She’s Mesparrow, born Marion Gaume, tagged as unique singer but already compared to Bjork, PJ Harvey and the Cocorosie. 

Rising star in her native France, the first single of her coming new album is “Next Bored Generation”, shaped by infinite single layers, featuring loops and bop.  First of all there’s her voice: charming, magnetic, delicate, performing something between sophisticate electro-folk and a painful pop song.

The videoclip, by Pascaline Blanchecotte, is built on super imposes, signal interferences and artifacts of digital compression mixed together with Mesparrow charismatic presence, giving a cool and wonderful mix.  “Next Bored Generation” video is a sweet psychedelic pastiche of mystery images and lights in crescendo, leading once again to the dark, to the end.

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