Mayer Hawthorne: The Walk

Listen to “The Walk” here

      1. 05 The Walk


Modernizing force behind the reoccurring doo-wop movement, Michigan-born Mayer Hawthorne, has made yet another reason to miss “The Golden Age” of poodle skirts. Hot off the overnight presses, his new album How Do You Do, has stayed close to the soul and R&B style heard in A Strange Arrangement (released in 2009). As retro as the late Amy Winehouse, Hawthorne gives his own falsetto flair to his new wave throwbacks. The man–who never even thought he’d release his niche music to the public–can sure hit a note.

Following suit after his soul and jazz ancestors, the Stones Throw’s gem sticks to a lyric repertoire full of heartbreak and sentiment. Nevertheless, with “The Walk,” he manages to stay funky and even adds profane sass at one point, understandably: he’s singing out his frustrations to a long-legged heartbreaker. Well, if she won’t have him, he can walk his doo-wops right into my life.

Enjoy, and check out Mayer Hawthorne’s whole sophomore album (below)!

How Do You Do