Johnny Thunder: I’m Alive

Listen to “I’m Alive” here

      1. Johnny Thunder_Im Alive

If anything, Johnny Thunder knew how to make you feel alive, and that’s just what this fuzzy 60’s mod song does. “I’m Alive” is a crunchy, underrated classic with garage band style and the vocal bravery of Mr. Thunder, a former lead singer of the Drifters. That shrieking, untamed voice is pure rock ‘n’ roll, not to mention, that blues-ridden electric guitar. The track, originally belonging to Tommy James and the Shondells, became killer when Johnny touched it. Take it from Bob Dylan, who when asked by Rolling Stone Magazine what he thought of him replied, “Johnny Thunder is the best live performer I’ve ever seen.” From those legendary lips, I’d believe it, but the song speaks for itself. So, get to living!