Elisa Mazzone Fashion Illustrations

Australian Illustrator Elisa Mazzone sent us her latest illustrations series, exploring the female form through careful choices in color, shape, flowing line and embellishment. Elisa’s ‘ladies’, as they are affectionately known, are the cornerstone of artistic leanings that may or may not have manifested in reaction to a little girl growing up with plenty of brothers.

As a stylist, graphic designer, illustrator and avid fan of all things beautiful, Elisa has spent years working with people to create gorgeous visual landscapes and keepsakes, weaving mediums together with allegorical needle and thread.

Elisa’s work has enchanted audiences throughout Australia, through various exhibitions and magazines such as Madison, Yen and Desktop and through clients such as Mambo.

If you are in Adelaide, go check her exhibition at Gallery on Waywouth that opened yesterday.

More information at www.elisamazzone.com.au