Autobus on the road Maroesjka Lavigne

“Island” by Maroeskja Lavigne

At the age of 21, the young Belgian photographer Maroeskja Lavigne spent four months driving alone across Iceland, pulled to the stark scenery.

Yet rather than observing a poetic landscape of azure springs and silent snow, Lavigne?s bold, cinematic images tell a tale of an out of the ordinary everyday. White capped mountain mounds bump against villages in a vision more akin to Candyland than Iceland, while half melted snowmen form a small Stonehenge on a soccer field.

Her work will be on exhibit at Jules & Jim Hotel in Paris from from January 25 to March 24, 2016.

Maroesjka Lavigne Blue Lagoon

Maroesjka Lavigne Viewpoint

Maroesjka Lavigne Orange Night

Yellow house Maroesjka Lavigne

Autobus on the road Maroesjka Lavigne