‘Wonder Galaxy’ The Futuristic Childhood Revival By Patricia Bustos

Casa Decor 2019 is happening right now in Madrid and we already found a project we LOVE!! The Wonder Galaxy dressing room of interior designer Patricia Bustos.

“Wonder Galaxy” is a journey into the future that explores the relationship between the future (which is the most promising dimension) and the fantasy that makes us return to being children. In this “Futuristic Childhood Revival” it is questioned why when we are adults we tend to banish fantasies.

The answer is in the color. We think that a future injected with color and with a certain surrealist air can help us recover that creative energy of childhood. We started with the pink, that color that means so much to me and that has a magic that transforms the serious into playful, that modernizes the most classic piece or refreshes the most sober atmosphere.

“Wonder Galaxy” is a risky and colorful dressing room, inspired by the aesthetics of the 60s and 70s. A three-dimensional reality that reminds us of an Austin Powers movie, in which we are the protagonists. The game of arcs and asymmetric volumes gives us a feeling of infinite depth, expanding the space.

The gradients suggest a host of parallel and utopian realities in which we could live if we wanted. Put to dream … the best thing is to do it without limits. This time we do not go back, we look to the future with courage and let ourselves be carried away by the fascination of the unknown.

The Kitchen 2018