Stunning Minimal Line Drawings by TRÜF Studio

Santa Monica-based graphic design agency TRÜF studio recently reveals a gorgeous new series of minimal line drawings. After the success of their previous Faüna series, they introduced Flöra where the beauty of nature is transformed in elementary forms, inspired by the ancient tables of botany, which, on the contrary, were rich in details.

“We debated putting this stuff out there because of the possible confusion it might cause for potential clients and the creative community. Does it take away from our branding focus? We don’t think so. At the end of the day, creativity and art are part of our branding DNA, so we decided to not to shy away from it, ” said Adam Goldberg, TRÜF’s creative director.

The first experiment was made in November, 2018 with the FAÜNA project where they explore their minimalistic interpretation of the animal kingdom. Picture below.