Australia-based designer and visual artist Domenic Bahmann is an expert at working with symmetry and humor.His various editorial illustrations and conceptual images have become infamous for their clever arrangements and composition. We’re particularly fond of his work for Australian House and Garden Magazine where he sheds light on the implications of making connections. Look closely and get caught in one of the million self contained jokes and witty cultural statements, hidden behind a few layers of color and ordinary objects.

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dom friday instragm
dom friday instragm
dom friday instragm
dom friday instragm
dom friday instragm
dom friday instragm

There is something magic in transforming seemingly mundane every day objects into something new.

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How did you start? What was your inspiration?

I have been interested in creating images since I was a child. When I started my career as a designer I stopped drawing and worked only on commercial projects. A few years ago I decided to start an ongoing creative challenge. I had to create an image based on an idea or insight once a week. I was inspired by a few creatives who were sharing their images in a similar style on Flickr.

What is the most important aspect of making use of everyday objects in art?

It taught me to look at things differently. There is something magic in transforming seemingly mundane every day objects into something new. It has improved my ability to day-dream and it is a skill everyone can try to practice. Instagram is the main platform you use to share your work with thousands of followers.

How has it affected the way you work?

A lot of of people use Instagram for entertainment and to simply enjoy looking at other peoples work. I think it is a great way to experiment and to receive instant feedback. I guess most of my Instagram followers like spontaneous ideas that inspire them to think outside of the box. I try not to think too much about my audience when I am creating my images. Other than my job as a designer and illustrator I try to have insights and ideas that don’t serve any design purpose. I guess you can call it Reverse-Design or art 🙂 Occasionally I also sharing some of my assignment work.

What is your favorite subject to work on?

There are so many possibilities to find something interesting or funny in everyday objects. Most of my art includes food products. I guess that sitting at the table or going to the supermarket is the perfect time to day-dream 🙂

You stated that staying playful and curious as a child is what helps you create. Tell us more about your creative process and challenges.

Children like to experiment so much more than grown ups. They have to try out everything and ask themselves many times: ‘What if?’ It is such a great experience when you try as an adult to get back into the world of experimenting. It is not always easy to put myself into this state of mind when there are so many other tasks in life. But there are moments where I have to stop and notice something funny or clever.

Tell us about editorial illustration for Australian House & Garden Magazine. What were its challenges?

My fascination for creative still lives and installations had a big influence on my assignment work for Australian House & Garden. The challenge was to come up with illustration ideas that describe the story in a quirky way on a regular basis. The miniatures and installations represent real-life situations in a playful way. This illustration style hasn’t been used in magazine so much yet.

Looking back at when you started, how much has your style evolved and how? Has your work changed the way you see the world?

Investing time into projects that were about what I really felt like not what the design brief dictated, gave me the opportunity to explore new styles and techniques, my technical skills have improved as well as the variety of techniques I employ. The most important aspect is that I realized, that the world is full of ideas, you just have to catch them.

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