Whether you use Instagram for inspiration or to showcase your own work, one thing is certain- Instagram has a life of its own. The more we look the more we like what we see. Lotte van Baalen is one of the people that keeps creativity alive by bringing beauty and art to the screen. While the work at Plants on Pink is a compilation of photos from all around the web, the curation is on point. Don’t you want a pink wall now?


One day I rode my bike past a pink wall with plants in front of it and then I knew.

What inspired for you to come up with combination of plants and the color pink?

At first I fell in love with the combination of green and pink. I studied it and suddenly I saw it everywhere. What you focus upon, expands. One day I rode my bike past a pink wall with plants in front of it and then I knew: Plants On Pink.

Have you always been passionate about this fine combination?

Yes, I have always been passionate about good color combinations, prints and patterns but the last years I felt really drawn towards green and pink. There’s something magical about it.

What do you hope viewers get from your work?

Foremost I hope that viewers see the sometimes so simple aesthetics of mother nature that is often right in front of us. You don’t need to go to into the wild or even out of town to experience the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Do you have any other projects in mind that are related to or similar to this account?

I most definitely have, the possibilities are endless.

Do you see social media as a tool to inspire or the other way around?

It’s a give and take. I am certainly inspired by social media and I hope that others are inspired by my project. They’re joining in on the quest of capturing all those gorgeous Plants On Pink around the world.