Oskar Proctor is a freelance photographer who has worked on a range of projects from Vanderhurd, Beers Lambert Contemporary, Hannah Barry Gallery, Simon and Schuster Illustrated, and more. His style varies, showing the versatility of his taste. From still life of aquarium plants to peculiar moments in nature and the outdoors, Proctor seems to have a knack for seeing beauty among oddity.


I’m interested in trends and how imagery adheres to them or sets them.

You cite Instagram as a project on your website. How is this project different from other?

It’s completely self driven.

How does Instagram affect your art or the way you express yourself online?

Heavily, I’m interested in trends and how imagery adheres to them or sets them.

Tell us a bit about what inspires you.

That’s a difficult question to answer, my inspiration comes from varied sources. Josef Koudelka is a big one, Andreas Gursky too.

Do you always feel inspired and ready to post everyday?

Almost everyday, I try and post regularly.

What defines a great Instagram feed in your opinion?

Captivating and changeable, humour and irony is helpful.

What are some of your favorite handles?


Do you see social media as a tool to inspire or the other way around?

It works both ways.

What do you hope viewers get from your work?


New York
New Zealand

Written by
Jade Moyano

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