Instagram has become a force within the visual art world over the years. While many artists showcase work they admire, a large percentage of the work displayed is original and often times push boundaries of  philosophy, identity, and thought.  

By traveling the world and exploring new cultures, photographer Sebastian Erras discovered his passion for perspectives, in particular Parisian perspectives.  Working now for multiple clients all over Europe, he continues living his passion of photography, travel and exploring new things.

parisian floors
parisian floors
parisian floors


With a simple change of perspective you can discover a whole new world around you.


How did you come up with this idea of shooting “Parisian Floors”?

Earlier this year I went to Marrakech to shoot some interiors there. On a day off we discovered the city and went to the Bahia Palace. They have some beautiful and colorful mosaics on the floor. I started taking pictures of the floor with my feet. Then coming back to Paris I noticed these beautiful tiles and mosaics on the floors of cafes, hallways and other places, so I decided to start this project and see where it takes me.

Do you have similar projects in your mind that you would like to pursue?

For the moment I am sticking to this project, but I was thinking of pushing it outside the borders of Paris and shoot some more floors in other cities or countries.

What do you hope viewers get from your work?

I hope to give them some inspiration to notice other things around them. Look down! I also want to show them that there’s not only the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and other monuments but that the city has a lot more different angles and things to be appreciated. You just have to see and notice them.

What message are you trying to convey through your photography?

I am not sure if there’s a message here, but I am just trying to show that with a simple change of perspective you can discover a whole new world around you.

Does social media affect the way you communicate with people?

It definitely helps me connect and get in touch with a bigger audience from all over the world. It makes it easier sharing your work and getting noticed.

What are your favorite elements that you like to use in your art?

I am really graphic and I love symmetry. So this definitely influences the way I take my pictures.

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