Icona Pop: Still Don’t Know

Listen to “Still Don’t Know” here

      1. Still Don't Know


Icona Pop are Swedish babes, Caroline Hjelt & Aino Jawo. Their native country, never lacking in accessible chart toppers, has released “Still Don’t Know” from its artful clenches. Despite their pop sound–not to mention, their name–the two-some seem to have an experimental taste for bells and whistles, and the goofy twerp here and there. Loyal indie patrons won’t necessarily have to stray from their anti-mainstream zeal for the sake of loving these Swedes. To the ease of many, Icona Pop has some electronic depth that might help disguise the catchy chants and chart-friendly style.

For the purpose of easy demonstration, below is “Sun Goes Down,” the girls’ less commercial-sounding collaboration with New York dance duo, The Knocks. The track, also off Nights Like This EP (out October 10th), features a distorted voice resembling the Scream killer, but that just proves how versatile Icona pop can be. Learn what else they can do: Check out their full EP, to be released in a only a week.

Listen to “Sun Goes Down (ft. The Knocks)” here

      2. Sun Goes Down (ft. The Knocks)