Thierry Despont “Masks” Project

Brushes, brooms, cleavers, knives and scissors are just some of the quotidian objects transformed by artist Thierry Despont into these mysterious sculptures featured in Masks.  Consisting of over twenty such works the series celebrates the art of assemblage and the powers of the imagination.

Despont himself describes his process while creating the Masks:

  As I wander the streets of our cities I keep stumbling across weird and discarded objects, old tools aban- doned in the dark corners of foreign shops, he?te?roclite bric-a-brac, wondrous rejects of our blind civiliza- tion.

The objects speak to me. I take them to my studio where I lay them down on old cutting boards found in a Parisian flea market. Suddenly a mask or a face appears – phantoms and strange beings from a poetic universe. Each mask is a small poem, a smile, an emotion…

Despont is well-recognized for his paintings on wood panel or on copper mounted on wood panel that depict nebu- las and celestial bodies. These works are executed in mixed media with such materials as enamel, asphaltum, acrylic, ink, glue, epoxy resin, paper, alumichrom, and oil stick.

The series reminds a lot of the recent Masks exhibition at the MET

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