How to Balance the Planet [Video]

How to Balance the Planet is a gorgeous short film by Vancouver-based creative studio New Document. Directed by Gwenael Lewis the video is extremely well shot, with an impeccable style, coloring and editing BUT most importantly a Message! Be sure to watch it below.

This film is Not about what we humans do wrong but what we could do right to balance this beautiful planet we share. Of course, we know that we impact the climate.

However, even with the vast amounts of information available to us it is difficult to determine the ‘right’ thing to do. Climate issues are complex and overwhelming because the ‘right’ course of action in one place can be the ‘wrong’ action in another. But regardless of the complexities, one factor consistently causes damage to our environment: the consumption of large amounts of a single product. This consumption pattern is destructive despite how harmless the consumed material might be in small quantities.

Gwenael Lewis began exploring climate issues as a design student over 15 years ago. Those years of research and development opened her eyes to notions of biodiversity and sustainability.

“I hope that this film communicates the importance of diverse and innovative practices while challenging the more commonly held beliefs of singular grand gestures of reduction.”

Ultimately, it is through our little actions that we make together that lead to profound impacts to our planet. And it is through the understanding of our own actions that we will attain balance.

Director / dop : Gwenael Lewis
Writer: Gagun Chinna + Gwenael Lewis
Producer: Robert Sutherland
Narrated by: Conor Graham
Music: Transatlantic film orchestra