microplastic Sushi © Morten Bentzon

Microplastic Series Shines a Light on the Consequences of Single-Use Plastics

by Sweet Sneak Studio

Sweet Sneak Studio is a branding and communication agency for food, lifestyle and gastronomy. In the Microplastic Photos Series, they portray eight different foods that are prone to containing microplastics.

The plastic consumption worldwide has been increasing at an alarming rate becoming an important source of pollution for our planet. In fact, we all know= that our plastic waste ends up in the sea and in nature where it takes decades to degrade. But not everybody is aware that plastic enters our food chain as microplastics.

microplastic series Beer © Morten Bentzon

microplastic series Bottled Water © Morten Bentzon

Microplastics are small plastic pieces, less than 5 mm long. Because of their tiny size, they can escape water treatment filtration systems and spread out into our oceans and other water bodies.

We consume microplastics not only through seafood, as you would probably expect, but also through drinking water because of the plastic bottles which have the highest content of microplastics. You’ll be surprised to know that scientists have also found microplastics in beer, honey and sea salt.

The exact impact of microplastics on our health is not yet clear but we know that plastic is harming nature. To shine a light on the problem s and to create more awareness on the consequences of single-use plastics, Sweet Sneak Studio created this exhibition for the Copenhagen Zoo, portraying eight different foods in which scientists found traces of microplastics.

microplastic series Caviar © Morten Bentzon

microplastic series Fish © Morten Bentzon

microplastic series Honey © Morten Bentzon

microplastic series Sea Salt © Morten Bentzon

microplastic series Seafood © Morten Bentzon

microplastic Sushi © Morten Bentzon

Microplastic Series Exhibition sweet sneak studio
Microplastic Exhibition for the Copenhagen Zoo.

Photography by Morten Bentzon

Article written by Mariana Bettinelli for Trendland.