FEIT Reconnaissance : Hand Sewn S/S 2012 Collection

Feit‘s silent protest to keep the craft alive is note worthy on so many levels. Since 2005, the small team of shoe makers dedicated to the art of hand-sewn shoes have been catering to individuals and retailers with a taste for customization. After two years of an exclusive online presence as artists of traditional shoe making, Feit is partnering with one key retailer per city to introduce its first luxury retail collection.

Feit’s Hand Sewn Spring 2012 Collection features a combination of traditional handmade constructions with natural, vegetable leathers to tailor shape, fit, comfort, and flexibility while maintaining a refined aesthetic. It is a beginning to end process at Feit:Each pair of shoes is perfected to a uniquely constructed ‘T’ by one master craftsman. The old-fashioned processes does ‘t stop there. Once the shoe is assembled, a Feit shoes retreats to a 10 day spa treatment, the mens version of a girls dream vacation, where it is steamed to guarantee flawless shape. Talk about first-class treatment.

Feit shoes, designed to be worn barefoot, originate from all natural leathers including Veg, Kudu, Llama, Elk, and Camel. Built to change the status quo, Feit’s leather shoes are not only waterproof, but, more importantly, are designed to be lasting and made with environmentally conscious tactics.

Unlike most in the footwear industry, their biodegradable shoes are in no way mass produced. The way production works is that all Feit members are sent the newest samples each month, at which point they have 10 days to request “Make Me a Pair.” In an effort to avoid over-production and material waste, each sample is subject to “Maximum Capacity.” Once maximum capacity hits based on stock levels, production begins. (Of the Hand Sewn Spring 2012 Collection, which includes 3 styles in 3 colors each, only 36 pairs per color will be produced.)

Feit pledges to change the world. Well, at least, one hand-sewn shoe at a time.