Vanessa Bruno: LOV Video Lookbook

The beautiful Kate Bosworth dances for Vanessa Bruno in this short fashion film entitled LOV, directed by Stephanie Di Gusto. The video features the new A/W 2011-2012 collection in mix of surrealistic landscapes and mysterious femininity. Watch it below.

It starts with an urban universe, almost futuristic, where this femininity comes up against angles, up against emptiness where lines are sought for and where poetry is found. A surrealistic dance, frantic and lively giving a light note to this ballad, this adventure which is perhaps the landscape of a soul.

Then the thread of the tale gets tenser. We come across a more solemn Kate, looking inwards, a mysterious warrior. Kate runs away, frightened by her dark double, perhaps her mirror reflection, perhaps her sister in dreams. White horses bolt with the music, liberating her wildness and the impatient purity of her energy, of her victory.

Euphoria of flight, of a grace released from the surface, from reality. Light headed. Kate is at the top of a tree of life giving herself up to an appeasing sun, to a sensual rapture winging towards the heart of the matter, streaming along, a reflection on the water. In fact, a love story.

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