Dragonette: The Right Woman

      1. 03 Right Woman


It took International Women’s Day and Diane von Furstenberg to get Dragonette to come out and sing. We’ll take it. Ladies prepare to be showered with all things female pride starting with the exclusive music release of Proud To Be A Woman Vol. 3 (appropriately compiled by Diane von Furstenberg) featuring lipstick lushes like Swede Miss Li, Lissie, and yes, Dragonette‘s Martina Sorbara. Repeat, Dragonette. The Canadian trio locks lips with their eclectic dance-pop beat once again, revving it up just in time to celebrate women before bouncing into Coachella. Admitting their delay in new material, Martina Sorbara, Dan Kurtz, Joel Stouffer certainly make up for it with The Right Woman. Not to mention scoring extra points on a big gender day. Their North America tour kicks off with SXSW and from there parades the US-Canadian border through June. A curtsy to female vocalists, and lady rockstars.