Club Palace, Real or CGI? [Video]

For this surreal new film for Nowness, Club Palace, Montreal-based creative agency Caravane collaborated with creative director Camille Boyer and cinematographer Nik Mirus to conjure a playful and perplexing landscape that challenges our perceptions of space. So, what do you think CGI or real? Watch some of the making of at the end of the video.

The creative team behind the project explain: “The challenge was to make the sets look as lifelike as possible. Although we were working on a miniature scale, I wanted them to be lit as if they were ten times the size. Ultimately, it’s more than a place or a destination, it’s an all-encompassing experience.”

A film by Caravane, Camille Boyer, Nik Mirus
Production: L’Éloi (Éloi Beauchamp, Sébastien Hotte)
Directors: Caravane (L’Éloi)
Art director: Camille Boyer (l’Éloi)
Director of photography: Nik Mirus (l’Éloi)
Music Composer: Loïc Ouaret