Contemporary Roman Spirit at the Elizabeth Unique Hotel [Rome]

Tucked in a narrow street Via delle Colonnette, located right next to bustling Via del Corso, Elizabeth Unique Hotel is a crossroads of art and design. Entering this 17th century restored palazzo is a quiet, private experience and a promise of all things unique. As you climb the marble staircase, you walk slowly to the rhythm of soft jazz music. You immediately take notice of white corridors filled with artworks that add a contemporary allure to this modern hotel where traditional meets modern.

Conceived by Studio Marincola Architects, the hotel has adopted a form of an art gallery. The concept was executed in collaboration with an established Galleria d’Arte Russo that’s been operating since 1898. Butterfly-themed works of Michael Gambino ignite your curiosity from behind the glass, a tree painting by Manuel Felisi, cut in multiple symmetrical rectangles, adorns the main hall while metal net installations in the shape of Athena by Giorgio Tentolini look at you from the walls. The exhibition continues inside the rooms equipped with a selection of artworks. All of them are available for sale so the visitors get a chance to feel the spirit of an art collector and get familiar with modern Italian art. The hotel was designed for exploring.

The unique concept is continued with the decor. Made-to-order semicircular lamps brighten up the spaces furnished with leather upholstered desks and wooden bedside tables. Insets of gold and marble add a lux touch to the rooms and balance the dark navy paint applied on the walls. Plus, a bit of velvet that comes with comfy rounded sofas.

A small bistro, connected to the soon-to-open sun-filled terrace, is also a feast – for the eyes and for the mouth. Grey walls of the hotel restaurant correspond with marble floors while round mirrors in various sizes, hang up in abstract combinations, reflect the light. The colors of freshly served fruit salads, artisanal pastries, red orange juice and homemade bread add vibrancy to the pastel-themed dining room filled with the smell of original, Italian ingredients.

And if you want to give your room a touch of life, you should get a bouquet from Roses Only.

When travelling, our heads are filled with images and preconceptions about the place of our visit. As you start to perceive Rome through the lens of the hotel, the city appears as a fascinating mélange of the past and the present. ‘A truly Roman experience’ is the one that allows you to discover city’s all facets. Something Elizabeth Unique Hotel can guarantee.

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