Botánica Florería, an Awakening for all the Senses

Vicky Dehesa is the founder of Botánica Florería, an incredible concept store that started 6 years ago as a small flower shop in Monterrey, Mexico. Since then, she has been offering a new, trendy and more natural way of making flower designs. When you walk into her store, you are immediately transfer to another reality. Her impeccable sense for aesthetics is everywhere.

How did Botánica Florería evolve as a concept store?

Being a designer myself, and having practiced as one for many years, made me realized how important aesthetics are in an everyday life. How nice, a conscious use of our senses make a more pleasant and positive way of living. Stimulating the eye vision with the color and composition of flowers, the sense of smell with a flower or woody scented candle, the sense of hearing with good music, the sense of touch with infinite plant and planter textures, and the sense of tasting by a sweet homemade cacao, nut butter or good coffee. Botánica is now a place where you can find and experience it all at the same time, Flowers, Plants, Planters, Gifts, Art… and soon we will also become a café.

What’s the best part of your job?

It’s a dream come true. Being able to work and create cool floral designs for a gift or for social events. Taking care of plants, watching them grow, giving them a new beautiful planter. Having a good cup of coffee sitting on my grandpa’s vintage chair while I do research of new things for my clients.

How is a day in your life?

I start with coffee on my desk. Listening to good music, I use my space as a source of inspiration so I keep creating. Some days in a calm way, some others running around with everything. But exploring and stimulating all of my senses, everyday, without exception.

Photos by: Mariana García
Written by Vicky González for Trendland