Ben Zank Surreal Self-Portrait Photography

Ben Zank pictures have all a similare thing in common: a kind of surrealism that mixes the unsettling, a feeling of danger and that something was going on just before and will continue afterwards. His self-portraits aim to stretch the viewer’s imagination and express his feelings when words fail.

Ben images are often shown without faces, their visages disappearing into foliage or smoke, or otherwise, buried into the Earth. Instead of depending on the human face, Zank says that “the image itself is the emotion.”

He says: ‘I didn’t go to school for photography. Instead I majored in journalism. As a journalist in school, you find that your own words end up being silenced and in place are an objective and almost robotic narrative that is constantly regurgitated. Consequentially, I found myself bad at expressing my emotions through words. I was good at the rant, but any real meaning about myself was locked deep inside. My photographs are a way for me to abstractly speak my opinion and bring my emotions into light.