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BEA : Breadwinner

      1. BEA - Breadwinner


We are onto another version of Rhye at the moment. Add Bea to the list of stellar low profile up and comers. Her track Breadwinner has hit nearly 20k plays in 10 days from its soft release on Soundcloud earlier this month. Available for download March 27, Breadwinner gives listeners a glimpse into this siren’s vocal corner. She has pipes for days that loft between the maturity of Annie Lennox and the youth in LDR.

The diamond in the rough unravels polished, powerhouse sound (in the vein of Alpines or Faye) and not without her own downtempo spin. From somewhere in Amsterdam we think. Our guess is that Bea may be holding out for a grand premier following her release of Breadwinner for download. Pin this one now and stick around for more.