Zella_Day_ _Sweet_Ophelia_Hi_Res_Artwork

Zella Day : Sweet Ophelia

      1. Zella Day - Sweet Ophelia
      2. Zella Day - Seven Nation Army


Phoenix, AZ and Mor Mor Coffee House. Clint Eastwood & Westerns equals: Zella DayB3SCI Records April 7.


Her contemporary downtempo folk with an urban flair is magnetic while resonating with the likes of Lilly Allen, Lana Del Rey, and Sia. Zella Day sums it up herself in this dark and elusive descriptor on her band page:


“The upcoming two-track single leads with “Sweet Ophelia,” a blending of personal encounters in an eerie resemblance to that of Hamlet’s Ophelia. Crunching drum machines and menacing electronics juxtapose Zella’s airy croons as she sings about the sanctity of physical connection, powerfully portraying both the majesty and fragility of letting love consume you.”


So there’s that. And then there’s an uprooting rendition of Seven Nation Army – which is basically a euphoric acoustic version of rock on the back of a cadillac. Zella doesn’t miss a beat, and hits every note with visceral vocals as she elevates the female whisper in aggressive, and narrative music. Don’t miss her raw summer laden sound on 1965 atop her musical storytelling out next month!