Alpines: Empire


      1. Empire

The London-based duo, Alpines, go monolithic as they seize the day with lavish vocals and immortal drums in their latest single out June 11. After two EPs and an A-list of collaborations, including The Naked And Famous, an addictive mix with Brooklynites, Creep, (“Animals”), and a mega mash up with Florence + The Machine in March, Catherine Pockson and Bob Matthews coalesce powerhouse voices with multi-sensory vibrations in their latest material.


“Empire is an ambitious song for many reasons, namely the lyrical content and epic production…” adding that, “The song is about making it on your own, no matter what stands in your way. The video is also a beautiful representation and another piece of the puzzle of our aesthetics. I am incredibly excited to show this to the world.” -Catherine

      2. Survival

For Alpines, with a focal point being an intimate journey through life on a sound diet, avante-rock and ambient-pop are harnessed with stylish synthing over subtle collages, leaving the larynx to strike a pose. Beyond “Empire” into “Survival” and the recent Creep remix, Alpines depicts a clear path at the high altitude of both daring and grounding. When asked about their drive to push through a saturated electro-pop scene, Bob responds, “This is something I think about a great deal. As a result of the Internet and more available technology, there are so many artists out there right now, and sometimes it is difficult to believe that you will be heard through the crowd. There is a lot of great music out there, but there is a also a lot of bad music, and what motivates me is to try and bring up the standards of what people want to listen to in electronic / pop music. Not just with our own band, but to try and make people realise that there is a wealth of good music out there, and to think about what is thrown at them by mainstream radio and press and to realize they can have better.”


Raw talent and selective melodies will keep this team everything but still as they continue uphill with their single debut on the horizon and their big video release.

“Our songs usually start with just Catherine and a piano. The emotional intensity always begins with her songwriting – the chords and her voice. With my production, I try to realize the emotion that is inherent in the song and choose the right sounds to frame it. It is a vey difficult job, and I feel a great deal of responsibility because I am trusted with very beautiful songs and I have to be careful to do the right thing!”

      3. Animals (Alpines Remix)