Amanyangyun – The Latest Masterpiece From Aman Hotels [Shanghai]

An ambitious project of Aman Group, Amanyangyun resort built on the outskirts of Shanghai, is a 15-year long conservation project that celebrates Chinese history.

50 Ming- and Qing-dynasty villas and 10,000 trees were saved from the destruction due to the construction of a major reservoir and transported from Old China, Rural Fuzhou to outside of Shanghai. The project was initiated by the Chinese philanthropist Ma Dadong 15 years ago when he found out about the demolition of the centuries-old villas and the historic forest and determined to give them a new life and a purpose.

The designer behind the minimalist interiors is Australian architect Kerry Hill whose skillful use of simple components such as bamboo, wood, and stone resulted in generating super slick and minimalist spaces.

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