Gridded Furniture Collection by OS & OOS

Dutch design duo Oskar Peet and Sophie Mensen from the Eindhoven design studio Os & Oos has created a range of furniture based on architectural constructions. Called the Matrix project, it began as a system to allow for endless configurations and constructions. The base concept is derived from architectural constructions and solutions for multipurpose ”form meets function” situations. As the construction of the Matrix is built up of individual ribs, the ribs can be designed any which way. This allows the system to be applied to products as well as interior features, or even architectural structures themselves.

When viewed from the front the grid structure has a very transparent character, but as the structures start to bend the transparency disappears in a gradient of light type fashion. The inner surfaces of each individual square capture and play with light and appear differently from all other perspectives.

A showcase of surfaces, seating and lighting that together show a broad application of the concept, to showcase the possibilites as well as visual aesthetic.

Os & Oos are a design studio exploring the balance between form, material and their relation to the surroundings and the user. The majority of their work borders the line of design, in the industrial and functional sense, and autonomous objects described as contemporary objects derived from concept, yet rationalized to give them purpose.