3D Architectural Spaces by Digital Artist Alexis Christodoulou

Imagine yourself in a dreamy world consisting of modernist architectures, colors and materials. Every detail looks too perfect that you wish it existed in the real world. Cape Town-based artist Alexis Christodoulou create surreal spaces that sit on the verge between fantasy and reality. Through imagination and design, he renders a world far more beautiful than ours through digital art.

“The images I create are a simple extension of the desire to see fantastic spaces come to life that echoes a more modern and clean aesthetic,” he explains.

The 3D renders are inspired by the architectural world around Alexis, and the images usually begin with sketches either inspired by buildings in Cape Town, or from renowned modern architecture.

Alexis’ digital world is also influenced by many of the modernist architecture masters (e.g.Aldo Rossi, David Chipperfield, Ricardo Bofill, Superstudio, Le Corbusier), according to his recent interview with Curbed.