Zhu : Moves Like Ms Jackson (Outkast Cover)

      1. Moves Like Ms Jackson.

A mysterious track by a mysterious artist known as “Zhu” has been going around the internet lately. The track is a mash-up cover of OutKast’s famous hits “Ms. Jackson,” “The Way You Move,” “The Whole World,” and “So Fresh, So Clean” and it doesn’t stop there, it gets better with a deep house groove and re-recorded vocals that do the originals justice. The faceless producer adds an interesting melodic flavor that makes this remix very unexpected and very addictive.


It seems Zhu may be quite in tune with how to stir up some buzz around himself and is strategically feeding our curiosity bit by bit. And it’s working. After releasing “Moves Like Ms. Jackson” he followed up with an original track in “Superfriends” and now he’s shared a teaser for what sounds like a snippet of yet another very hooky original track “Faded”.



Still, no identity. As we continue wondering who dropped this funky new tune, and anticipate the next, let’s not forget that OutKast will be on a 40 festival tour this summer with Coachella and Governor’s Ball in sight.


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Written by Jessica Chaker