Xu Zhen Eternity Buddha in Nirvana at the NGV Triennial [Melbourne]

A 14-meter-long sculptural installation by Chinese artist Xu Zhen is exhibited at the NGV Triennial (National Gallery of Victoria) in Melbourne, Australia. Xu combines sculptural replications of a famous buddhist statue and greco-roman, renaissance and neoclassical figures. The reclining buddha is leaned on and surrounded by figures from greek and roman mythology, bringing together eastern and western cultural heritages.

The artist believes that this project generates ‘a new form of creative culture’ that can bring about understanding and appreciation across societal boundaries. Bringing cultural traditions together is Xu’s way of breaking down barriers. As he writes of his remarkable work, ‘I have always been curious about the differences between cultures and the alienation between them. And yet, misconceptions can be the beginning of awareness and understanding’.

Xu is also a conceptual artist, curator and entrepreneur, having worked across video, photography, performance and painting. He is seen as a leading figure among the younger generation of Chinese contemporary artists.

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