The Earth Issue Magazine: A Collective of Environmental Artists

It is no secret that climate change poses a singular and ever-worsening threat to our planet, but the science surrounding the topic can be difficult either to penetrate or to respond to. The Earth Issue is a collective of artists and creative professionals working at the intersection of fine art and environmentalism. In common, they share a dedication to raising awareness for the beauty of nature, using art and image culture as a driving force for environmental activism. The collaboration of The Earth Issue aim to highlight a growing interest amongst young artists to awaken society’s complacent consciousness towards our planet; to inspire and harness the power of social change.

The Earth Issue provide a platform – through publications, exhibitions, educational talks, and other collaborative projects – for creative thinkers, and aspiring and established visual artists who seek to raise awareness about our environment. Their second printed issue will launch in February, 2018.

The vision behind The Earth Issue is to bring art to the forefront of climate change discussion. They believe that creativity is one of the most powerful tools to effect social change. The Earth Issue enable artists who are passionate about nature to unleash their creativity onto the world and stand up for the preservation of our planet.